Timeless Trends

Timeless trends — the phrase itself seems to be contradictory. How can a trend be timeless? After all, the very definition of “trend” is focused around ideas of movement, change, and development.

Yet, somehow, the French have captured this idea and continue to establish timeless trends for the rest of the world to follow. Trends are now dominating the fashion industry as an effect of fast fashion‘s fairly recent emergence. Society’s obsession with the next biggest thing is our issue at hand. Why dump your money into fleeting trends like oversized corduroy bell bottomed trousers and pearl-drenched tops when that money could’ve been invested on a fantastic white blouse that you’ll adore and wear a little too much over the course of the next two – or five – years?

Below you’ll find some pieces that I notice re-occurring on the streets of France time and time again. I promise, these looks aren’t going away anytime soon.

The Blazer

This underestimated piece of clothing is the holy grail of the fashion world. It cleans up an outfit and subconsciously tells others that they don’t want to mess with you. A blazer is slick, yet effortless. Use it to put the finishing touch on an elegant evening look, or dress it down with some cut-up Levi’s, a white tee, and a red lip. Other colors and fabrics are becoming more commonly seen, but stick to black for best results.




Speaking of Levi’s, a good pair of jeans or two is essential for the completion of any closet. Classic medium-wash skinny jeans are my personal favorite, however boyfriend style jeans are a good choice as well. The versatility of this piece is incredible and denim is a known staple material. Throw on a pair of pointed black heels and put your hair in a top knot to give off that Parisian vibe.

Rag & Bone


Little Black Dress

This piece is your best friend and partner in crime. You wear it to get lunch with the girls as well as to the most upscale dinner events. No one will know that you’ve worn it dress one million times, because the amount of ways you can style it is infinite. Sleek and flattering, don’t hesitate to splurge on your LBD because it is worth fifty cheap, on-trend dresses.

Sandro Paris (huge sale going on right now!)


Wear it open so it catches the wind. Halfway buttoned and tucked into high-waisted trousers. Closed up completely to mimic the look of a turtleneck and achieve the Vogue-chic look. Always opt for a well-fitted, comfortable, and light blouse. If you’re bored by a plain white blouse, try a baby blue or salmon pink pinstripe.



Now, don’t get confused. I don’t mean the cheap, almost see-through leggings we all rocked in middle school. Well-made leggings are one of my favorite go-to pieces to merge comfort with style. Try a fun but basic print (like gingham) or leather leggings to take it up a step from plain black. Zippers and buttons can also work wonders to elevate the style of a legging.


Leather Jacket

If you want to dress more French, this is all you need. If I had a dollar for every leather jacket I see on the streets each day, I would have enough to buy you a plane ticket so you can see this phenomenon first-hand.  It’s an incredibly functional piece that adds flair and edge to any combination. Meeting with classmates or coworkers? Throw it on with a graphic tee and black jeans. Going out with your man for drinks? It’s perfect over your LBD and stilettos. Steer clear of the embroidered ones, you’ll be able to wear a clean black leather jacket for the next ten years.



Congratulations, you now own only black and white clothes. But trust me, it’s worth the lack of color! These staple pieces can be mixed and matched in a million ways, guaranteeing that they will never go out of style. Each time you are tempted to purchase something new, ask yourself, “Can I create at least 5 different outfits out of this piece and what I already own?”

Happy shopping! xx,




City of Light + Love

Oh, you know, just got back from a causal weekend in Paris. A mere 1.5 hour train ride separates me from the city of love so when my boyfriend Marc was finished with his work week spent in Lisbon, we decided to meet for a few days and experience the Parisian magic together. I finished my last exam for the day and was headed home to pack for the weekend. Little did I know that Marc had different plans. I turned the street corner and…


I found this one standing in front of my house!! I’ve honestly never been so surprised in my life. And pleasantly surprised, at that. After packing and showing him a taste of Angers, we hopped on the train back to Paris. I’ve been deprived of sushi so the first order of business was to find some bomb sushi in the Latin Quarter, where we were staying. We ended up at Oi Sushi. The place was packed and only 2 sushi chefs crammed in the minuscule kitchen were grinding out hundreds of rolls. It was insanely fresh and a great value.


After getting buzzed off of sake, it was time to bar hop and make our way over to Concrete, the club we had decided to check out. It takes place on a three-level boat docked on the Seine and is infamous for its all-day parties. It took us about an hour to get in because of the ridiculous line, but it was well worth it. With different DJs on each level, you get the option of music and environment you want throughout the night — its basically three clubs in one. They also served vegetarian hot dogs so kudos on that, Concrete!


Good morning, Paris! We woke to cloudy skies but despite the rain and wind, we leisurely made our way around the city and stopped at a café across from Sainte Chapelle for brunch.


We strolled some more and ended up walking past the Louvre (which was covered up with a tarp — poor visitors who had never seen it before!) and towards l’Arc de Triomphe. It was really starting to get windy and rainy at this point, so we stopped for another coffee break when Marc had the brilliant idea to accompany our cappuccinos with a Nutella pizza. This thing was INSANE. It was a full size pizza smothered in what must have been a full jar of Nutella, topped with powdered sugar and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Let’s just say it was a sugar rush.


Hyped on caffeine, sugar, and cold air, we braved the weather and made it to the last place on our very unstructured check-list — La Tour Eiffel, obviously. He’d never been to the top so we decided there wasn’t much of an option. I mean, how could we go to Paris and not go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower?!

If we thought it was windy on the ground, we were wrong. 1,096 feet in the air, we were one with the clouds which was actually a cool experience in comparison to seeing the skyline on a clear day. And there was no way the weather could stop us from enjoying a glass of champagne up there.


It was the perfect ending to our short but sweet weekend in Paris! The city of light never fails to fill my heart with happiness, especially when experienced with mon amour.