Simple in Stripes

Welcome back!

I’m coming to you live from France… finally.

After a 7 hour plane ride, 2 hour wait in the train station, and a 4 hour delayed train ride, I made it to Angers!

I happily welcomed bright sun-rays shining through the windows on my first morning here, ready to eat an authentic French croissant and explore the charming town that is Angers.

But what to wear?!

It was my first day in France so I opted for something almost embarrassingly French, just to play it safe:

a B&W striped turtleneck crop


high waisted light wash jeans


the classic oversized mens-style black blazer (shoulder pads and all)


and all black accessories.


Voila ! The finished look…


I was expecting to take cute photos of this outfit give an idea of how stereotypically French I look, but when you’re wandering around a town alone there’s not much opportunity for photos. Thus, the result is a shameless selfie in the mirror of Galaries Lafayette — WHICH WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT.  Just take a glance at this beauty of a mall; it’s no Macy’s, that’s for sure.

galaries lafayette.jpg

The best part about today was living like a true French person. By the rate of speech and complexity of language people were using with me on the street, I think everyone else believed I was, too. I bought my first baguette (the best one I’ve ever had in my life) for just one euro and munched on it as I walked the charming streets of Angers. Here’s a few snapshots from my day:


I’m ecstatic to eat some more delicious food so a post on Cuisine will definitely be coming shortly! Thanks for reading!




Allô ☎️

Photo credit to @theartistlauren

hello friends 👋

As I count down the five (eek!) short days until my semester in France begins, I decided I should probably review my packing list. At the end of the list I compiled months ago was something I’ve been mulling over for awhile — a journal.

You see, as a person who confides in journals as if they were her best friend in times of distress/excitement/any other basic human emotion, I am very particular on what type of journal I have. Just ask the stack of journals sitting in my drawer what their individual story is: Dreams, thoughts, poems, rants, doodles… there’s a journal for them all. I even paid $60 for a journal from Pike Place Market one time because I’m from Seattle. #NoShame. That being said, I have completely neglected the thought of choosing one singular journal for my entire duration of time spent in France. I mean, this journal would have to be PERFECT — and I can’t even begin to think how devastated I would be if anything were to happen to my irreplaceable collection of thoughts.

While I’m usually the type of person who likes to have everything hand-written for the mere sake of resisting humanity’s inevitable reliance on technology, I caved. Thus, AVEC ANDI was born. Quick run-down on the name — “avec” translates to “with” in French and “andi” is a shortened version of my name, Andrea. What’s fun is that it can be read “ave candi” and “avec and i” which don’t necessarily mean anything but are as equally relevant to my life as “avec andi” is. Versatility is key.  I also get imported-european-clothing-brand vibes from #AVECANDI so that’s cool, too.

It will serve as a platform for me to drown myself in thoughts on culture shock, assimilation, survival, and exposure to the uncertain.

just kidding.

While those topics will likely arise in the midst of my time abroad, this blog is something I intend to be long-term and hope to maintain after I’ve returned from my reality hiatus. Highly inspired by my obsession with ~la culture français~, I can promise to you, my beloved reader, at least one post regarding one of the following topics each week: Style (does a blogger even blog without blogging about fashion?), Cuisine (crêpes, croissants, and cheeses — oh my), Voyages (where will I go? even I don’t know!), Beauté (because you’re dying to know which shade of BB cream I use), and Yoga (my one true love).

C’est tout ! That’s all!

Along with the occasional vlog (millenial-ing at its finest), I hope that this little “journal” will give some insight into my pseudo-parisienne lifestyle for the next few months. I can’t wait to see where it will take me and hope you follow along. ✈️