Easy Ways to Stay Slim in Winter Months (Apartment-friendly!)

Along with Fall’s breezy weather comes cozy sweaters, pants, and scarves — AKA the perfect ingredients for covering up your body. It can be tempting to trade in your beach body for PSLs and warm apple pie. Or, in my case, Nutella filled croissants (yes, they’re as dangerous as they sound).

HOWEVER. While a bite into freshly baked cookies is temporary happiness, having a little too much trouble walking up a flight of stairs isn’t. As much as I wish that I could continue to eat whatever I want, I’m definitely feeling the study abroad version of the Freshman Fifteen, which I call the France Fifteen. For those of you won’t aren’t familiar, the Freshman Fifteen is the fifteen pounds that every college freshman gains due to exposure to (typically) unlimited amount of food on a daily basis in addition to lack of activity.

Moral of the story: I recently realized I desperately need to workout. It used to be my entire life and two months of inactivity have resulted in an unfortunate amount of muscle loss… including loss of ability to hold handstands. 😢 On a budget, I decided to skip the gym membership (for now) and take advantage of the internet. Youtube has thousands and thousands of free videos to follow along with. You can find everything from hardcore cardio circuits to relaxing yoga flows. And the best part? They’re trained instructors, not just your average Joe.

So, what’s your workout regimen? 

It’s essential to start in the morning to wake up your body. The first thing I do after rolling out of bed is a slow stretch. Nothing crazy — just 20 minutes of loosening up your muscles will suffice. If I’m feeling it and have the time, sometimes I’ll follow along with a yoga flow on Youtube. Some of my favorites are: Morgan Tyler, Yoga with Adriene, and Yoga TX. They all offer flows of all lengths and for all levels, so don’t be intimidated if you’re a beginner.

The next thing I always make sure to do is squeeze in a few pilates videos every day. They’re only 20 minutes each and really help with toning your muscles. I watch the ones posted by Elle (this is my favorite), which are in French so it’s great for me but equally as easy to follow along with if you don’t speak French because the movements are simple and repetitive. Another great alternative is the wide array of apartment-friendly cardio videos by Blogilates.

If you’re an e-book person, two of my absolute favorites are the raved-about BBG guide by Kayla Itsines and Ab’asanas by my favorite yogi, Morgan Tyler (@the_southern_yogi).

These videos or e-book workouts combined with cardio a few times a week is an easy and quick way to make sure you can enjoy your favorite foods while feeling confident in your skin!








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