Munich + Salzburg

Hello friends, or should I say… Hallo !

This past weekend I had the pleasure of meeting up with my boyfriend Marc in Munich, Germany, and spending a day in his hometown, Salzburg, Austria. Let me tell you something — it was a dream. Both cities are absolutely stunning and full of life. People are friendly, culture is thriving, and the scenery is breathtaking.

Below you’ll see my first taste of downtown Munich! We stayed at Ruby Lilly hotel which has a very fun atmosphere and is a quick 10 minute walk from the heart of the city. It’s also accommodating to English speakers, which was a plus (although almost everywhere in Munich is).


The next day, we decided to get lunch so I could experience this mysterious bread that Marc has been raving about for weeks. Its called Schwarzbrot mit Aufstrich and apparently doesn’t exist in America the same way that it does in Germany. I was skeptical at first, but now I have to admit that he’s right. It has a certain taste and texture that warms the heart (or palette) of any food lover, especially with savory cheese or hummus smothered on top. Mmm.


After eating, we ventured to the Schloss Nymphenburg. Blessed with perfect weather, we strolled the palace grounds and marveled at the interior. We had to spend a good 20 minutes taking pictures in there, obviously.


Friday night was dedicated to experiencing the nightlife of Munich. Already tired from the busy day, we took a two hour nap with an alarm set for midnight. Midnight is a reasonable time to go out on a Friday night, right?

Wrong. Every bar we went to was roughly 1/3 full of people and despite the good music, nobody was out. We managed to kill a few hours bar hopping until going to the one club we knew we wanted to go to, Palais Club. We arrived at 4:30am. It HAS to be packed, we thought. Wrong again. We were told at the door that it wouldn’t be busy for another hour so we felt obliged to stay. However, people didn’t start coming until 6:30am. SIX THIRTY IN THE MORNING. When we left, the club was serving breakfast to welcome entering party-goers.


Slightly hungover and pushing through exhaustion, we travelled 30 minutes outside of Munich to meet his grandparents for lunch. Once I saw the venue of this lunch, all was good again. We enjoyed truffle pizza while soaking up some lake-side sun. This is the cure to any and all hangovers, in case you were wondering.


The next day, we made the scenic 1.5 hour drive from Munich to Salzburg. I’m sure that it’s always beautiful, but treetops adorned in various hues of Autumn always give a place new magic.

Salzburg is a lovely city. From the castle to the cobblestone streets, its full of history. However, you can also find top-end stores and an undeniable contemporary feel to the city.

We took the tram up to the castle and snapped some selfies before coming back down and stopping for a mid-day treat of coffee and a slice of Salzburg’s famous chocolate cake, Sacher Torte. On our way back to the house, I spotted the bridge with love locks and deemed it mandatory that we participate.


We then had a magnificent dinner at one of his family’s favorite restaurants. We talked, laughed, and left the way you’re supposed to leave a good dinner — just a little too full. Before heading back, we took a stroll through downtown which gave me a chance to see how Salzburg glimmers under moonlight.



I truly couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. While it was a quick trip, it’s incredible how helpful getting away from reality for just a few days can be. I would highly, highly recommend visiting these two cities to experience the fashion, food, and overall quality of life.

Thanks for following along with this excursion… avec moi !




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