Painted Paris

Legs crossed, lounging in a café chair alongside la Seine with her elbow resting on the mirrored tabletop. The sun gleams down mimicking spotlights as a musician in the street lets his ambient voice carry with the wind. She balances a delicate wine glass effortlessly between the tips of her fingers and examines which morsel of cheese to enlighten her tastebuds with next.

Picture painted in your head? Great, because that girl was me this past weekend. Or should I say my more confident, put-together alter ego.

Paris does something to you. It’s a city of romance.. of lust.. of luxury. Colors are brighter and music is louder. Paris is a drug to me. Complete and utter infatuation. Scroll on to see some snapshots from my weekend in utopia.

(Brace yourselves for photo overload).

22281101_1913979365295972_1140649524_o22279353_1913979321962643_383969464_o22278920_1913978621962713_552642648_oOur gorgeous Airbnb (just a 10 minute walk from Notre Dame) and the most stereotypical breakfast of all time.


22279195_1913979841962591_2022620985_o22278988_1913979758629266_2080203500_oOur stroll to see Notre Dame on the other side of la Seine.


22218018_1913979578629284_59403695_o22279248_1913979005296008_1136387180_o22311873_1913979488629293_939504906_o22281110_1913978765296032_391233024_oIn front of, in back of, inside of, and on top of the infamous Notre Dame (what a dizzy-ing climb up those spiral stairs!)


22292494_1913978568629385_1875427535_o22281457_1913978885296020_981847713_o22279194_1913978581962717_874492162_oSpent four glorious hours inside Musée d’Orsay. The third photo was taken by someone I don’t know who approached me after taking this and told me I was the girl in the painting. The girl depicted was even wearing the size hoop earrings as me.

Strange coincidence, isn’t it?


22292574_1913979091962666_99335878_oThe absolutely stunning stained glass windows of Sainte-Chapelle.


22281077_1913978661962709_193878714_o22279078_1913978645296044_2011781261_oIt’s absolutely mandatory to stop for a glass of wine before heading over to… 



La Tour Eiffel ! We did go all the way to the very top (against my will) but the beauty could not be captured in photo. However, there was a champagne bar up there! Anyone interested in a 20 euro glass of champagne? 


This weekend was a gift for my soul. If you ever have the chance, do yourself a favor and indulge in the parisien way of life. But for now, you can just tag along avec andi. 🙂





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